Asante means Thank You

Asante means Thank You, and we want to thank you for visiting our new website.

We also want to thank those of you who have supported the Asante Foundation for the past five years, as well as all those who will support our future as we grow. From our humble beginnings with the first Asante Awards Festival in 2008, we have focused on celebrating the people and groups who best represent New Orleans’ African-American culture, as well as those who help build pride and create opportunity in our city.

In an effort to expand our mission to recognize success, the Asante Foundation is proud to announce our “Most Wanted Career Achievers” Billboard Initiative.

With the help of our sponsors, business leaders, and community leaders, we seek to elevate the contributions of our most valuable cultural and civic assets: our Children and Young Adults.

Positive images are often seen but rarely recognized in urban America. When we see the faces of kids on a “Most Wanted Criminals” billboard, we just shake our heads, and never think about the fact that in the media, one young criminal wanted for a senseless crime gets more attention than a hundred kids doing the right thing.

Unfortunately for some of our kids, their self-esteem is battered down by this media sensationalism, with its lack of positive stories and role models. The constant bombardment of negative images works on their subconscious, suggesting to them that they, their peers, and their community are less successful, less valuable, and less worthy of high aspirations than the rest of America.

The intersection of Tulane and Broad is notorious for its criminal court building. We have placed our first “Most Wanted Career Achievers” billboard there, not to undermine the work of the criminal court, but to shed light on the fact that success is an even better story than crime.

Far too often, we see justice handing out sentences that incarcerate our young Black Men at alarming rates. Sometimes this leaves us to question: where are the good kids? The answer is, they’re all good kids. At least, they all can be, if we as a community can begin to hold up achievers as examples of who we really are, and what every child can do.

Please join the Asante Foundation in lifting our greatest cultural assets to an even higher level of recognition so that their careers can foster brightness, hope, and esteem in others.

You can help by offering your hand as a mentor, as a partner with an internship program, and, of course, by nominating and sponsoring a Career Achiever or an entire billboard.

We thank you again for your ongoing support of this and other Asante Foundation initiatives. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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